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Mont Michel 50 Years of Excellence in Education

Carefully structured programs under the Department of Education’s (DEPED) K + 12 Basic Education Curriculum provide for the personal and academic development of each child by strengthening his or her foundation for creativity, self-confidence, achievement and excellence in the fields of language and grammar, reading and literature, mathematics, science, social studies, civics and history, music, art, and physical education. A striking balance of work and socialization enhances the language development program, motivating all students to be equipped with the essential communication skills in English.

Mont Michel School


Builds a strong foundation for socialization of toddlers who are preparing for leadership skills and communicative competence, exposing them to manipulative toys, games, puppetry, storytelling and recitation, reading and writing, mathematics, and science and social development.


Prepares children for more formal and structured learning in the elementary level, tapping their potentials for friendly competition, school assignments and projects, and developing in them a high regard for achievement through their personal efforts in school activities.

Grades 1 - 6 / Primary Education

Focuses on the development of literacy and numeracy skills, application of scientific knowledge, judgement, critical thinking and life skills. Study habits are supervised through highly personalized methods, ensuring each student’s positive self-concept and scholastic achievement.

Mont Michel School

Grades 7 - 10 / Junior High

Teaches subjects from the simplest concepts to more complicated concepts through grade levels in spiral progression. Focus is on each student’s ability to research, analyze information, develop insights, and communicate knowledge through well-honed verbal or written forms. Creative projects and academic writing allow students to begin specialization in learning areas such as mathematics, language, science, and the humanities.

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