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  • Little Angels Nursery School
  • Little Angels Nursery School
  • Little Angels Nursery School

Mont Michel School, Inc. was founded in 1967 by Antonia Venus Siytangco-Narciso, a teacher and mother of six, known for her exemplary dedication and commitment to providing an excellent moral and academic foundation for children in their formative years.

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Antonia Venus Siytangco-Narciso

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Originally named Little Angels Nursery & Kindergarten, the school began its elementary level in 1991 under the name Mont Michel School, taking its name from Mont Saint Michel, the famous island off the coast of Normandy, France.

Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel by Daniel Icasiano

Inspired by its patron St. Michael the Archangel, Mont Michel School has continued its growth in educating young minds, opening its high school in 2000, and further strengthening each student’s values, leadership, and academic skills.

Saint Michel the Archangel

Saint Michel the Archangel by Bartolome Murillo

Mont Michel 50 Years of Excellence in Education

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Founded in 1967

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